Energy and Oil & Gas

BizFlow works with Oil & Gas, Chemical, and other energy-related companies around the world to reduce costs, improve services, and increase quality.

Processes automated include management of change (MOC), customer services, accounts payable, document controls, project action requests (PARs), change management, and invoicing. See below many great examples of BizFlow in action.

Organization Description  

Management of Change – Plant Management and HSE Officers ensure that personnel carefully conduct hazard assessments, operation qualification reviews, process safety reviews, environmental safety management, and emergency response planning. If there is something that needs changing (e.g., drawings, operating procedures) on some facility (e.g., off shore rig, chemical production plant, refinery, pipeline), there is a formal review of that change. Steps include:

  • Initiate request
  • Select request type (technical, administrative, organizational)
  • Add project details (e.g., facility, system, dates, duration, and coordinator)
  • Describe project scope and justification
  • Determine issues (e.g., new requirements, contacts, hazards, and deviations)
  • Pick reviewers (i.e., health/safety/environment, operations and maintenance, and engineering)
  • Fill in cost and scheduling impacts to CAPEX and OPEX
  • Provide budgeting and cost center descriptions
  • Review checklists (engineering, HSE, maintenance, marine, and operations)
  • Authorize, approve, and archive

Document Control – Engineering is responsible for drawings covering equipment, circuitry, methods, etc. Documents are managed by the Drafting group and stored in an EDMS. Plant engineers and contractors submit requests to check out drawings in order to conduct reviews, reparations, upgrades and other general maintenance activities. As work is completed users may recommend replacing/updating drawings. Draftsman and Sr. Engineers review and approve these changes before old documents are replaced by new ones. BizFlow tracks location and status of drawings as well as guarantees change request compliance audits to meet ISO requirements.

Project Action Requests (CAPEX) – Executive management is responsible for prioritizing investments. Plant managers, engineers and others submit requests (e.g., boiler under our maintenance program appears to need repair or upgrade) that are subsequently reviewed, measured by CAPEX, prioritized, and authorized. Key workflow participants include the Plant Manager, General Manager, IT Manager, HSE Manager, and any associated Engineering Groups leader.  


Invoicing and Accounts Payables – Project Controls manages and audits invoice payments. Approvals are dependent on the invoice value. BizFlow monitors the system of record for new invoices and triggers a work item. Data is autopopulated to the form for project control personnel to review, edit, attach any documents, and select approvers. Invoices of <$5K can be approved by the project owner. Larger invoice amounts go to the Cost Engineer, Project Controls Manager, Project Director, and/or Business Development General Manager. Upon approval BizFlow sends emails to the initiator and AP to pay the invoice.


Creating Immediate Business Value

  • Accelerate the approval process by running parallel processing - while the environmental hazard team assesses the request
  • Improve knowledge management, succession planning and legal audits by retaining all attachments - CAD drawings, policies and procedure guides, manuals, graphics - together in one place
  • Enforce rules and policies - no skipping steps, no uncertified people
  • Run productivity, environmental impact and financial analyses by tracing processes from design time to close and facility decommission or sell-off
  • Improve long-term safety and maintenance by retaining a complete log of MOC actions-the requests made, subsequent changes and those involved
  • Map policies to technical controls and automated the auditing and regulatory reporting of those controls
  • Improve collaboration and knowledge management by linking policy users and policy creators through comments, amendments, additions and policy approvals
  • Organize policies and procedures by functional groups, life-cycles or best practices (COBIT, ITIL/ISO 27001)

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