Process Monitoring and Critical Path Analysis

BizFlow Plus provides Users complete visibility into work in progress. Visbility enables greater control over work. And it also creates full audit trail to ensure compliance and optimize efficiencies. 

Complete Visibility into Defined and Dynamic Workflows

The "Monitor View" or "Task View" provides real-time insight about the workflow, current status, all human and system interactions, forms completed, related attachments, posted comments, and expected completion dates. This visibility lets users identify bottleneck and collaborate with others from start to completion.

BizFlow Plus is also the first and only BPM Suite to enable users to dynamically task others and track tasks exactly the same way as with a structured workflow. Icons change to show work as it is sent, opened, reviewed, and completed. Icons also indicate late work and associated comments.

"Task View"

Critical Path Analysis

BizFlow lets you take process monitoring a step further by providing Critical Path analysis. A critical path is a series of dependent steps that determine the time required to complete an operation. BizFlow monitors critical paths in real-time and flags those reaching assigned thresholds so that you can respond to bottlenecks or exception handling policies. This capability helps ensure transactions meet deadlines while supporting SLAs, regulatory requirements and other critical business objectives.

Critical Path Analysis


Advantages are:

  • See business performance in real-time using customizable metrics.
  • Measure operational performance based on Key Performance Indicators.
  • Discover problems as early as possible.
  • Determine what is causing bottlenecks.
  • Capture a complete audit trail for regulations and compliance.
  • Get all the details for a particular process instance in a single click.
  • Use accumulated data for detailed analysis and problem solving.
  • Track process instances and tasks without placing burden on IT.

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