Customer Success: Naval Special Warfare Group 4

SWIFT - Special Warfare Information Fast Tracker

The Naval Special Warfare Group 4 (NSWG4) is responsible for the development and testing of combatant craft and associated ordinance and equipment.  In the past, NSWG4 has had more than adequate numbers of craft, engines and spare parts. However, with today’s current demand for combat operations, security force assistance to coalition partners and fiscal downsizing, NSWG4 had to develop a different business sustainment model to meet missions with fewer assets. This new model includes speeding up the procurement process for craft repairs and spare parts. By decreasing the ordering cycle time for repairs and parts, less craft and assets are required to meet continued customer requirements.

The key to this new business model would hinge on the acceleration of the procurement process for water craft repairs and spare parts. By decreasing the ordering cycle time for repairs and parts, it would mean having less unused spare parts in inventory, leading to significant cost savings.

NSWG4 looked to alleviate the most critical pain point that would take the least amount of time to fix and decided to focus on improving the Government Purchase Card Program (GPCP) process, which is for micro-purchases of less than $3000  ($2500 for services). The team in place agreed to implement  workflow automation with three specific goals in mind (1) providing purchasing process visibility, (2) standardization to reduce errors, and (3) accountability. 

Within a 6 month time-frame (Oct 2010 – March 2011), NSWG4 had deployed a superior purchasing process and an automated BPM software solution deployed to NSW Group 4.  To meet this aggressive timeline NSW Group 4 used a combination of  Lean principles with an Agile development methodology.  BizFlow, the BPM solution, resulted in faster time for procurement, improved accuracy, visibility, all around customer satisfaction and performance of the GPCP process.

Using SWIFT, the automation for the GPCP provides visibility into the process, standardization, and forcing function for over 6,000 purchases and $5.2 million spent annually within Group 4 alone.

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