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BizFlow’s AppDev is an application development platform that leverages low-code no-code principles such as simple drag-and-drop and basic configuration to allow nontechnical business users (citizen developers) to rapidly develop fully customized digital forms, applications, and other front-end solutions (graphical user interfaces, web portals, websites, dashboards, and others) without writing a single line of code.


AppDev allows business users to easily develop digital forms using drag-and-drop technology. With the ability to rapidly create working prototypes, AppDev allows for instant feedback from the customer to reduce revision cycles.


By separating form design from data modeling, AppDev increases efficiency by allowing the business user to create custom front-end solutions and forms leveraging the same data entities.

Front-End UI Framework

Complete wrapping through a unified/standardized front-end UI Dev framework with the ability for an agnostic back-end data connection. Well-suited for standardization across multiple government and government-related civilian components and divisions.

API Documentation

AppDev provides automated API documentation functionality in real time, and eliminates difficulty related to documentation version control.

Query Management

BIO (BizFlow Integration Orchestrator) automates the following query management functionalities: API performance log tracking, API latency detection, and auto-notification to system admin.