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Rapidly Develop Web Applications without Code


BizFlow M provides a capability that allows Citizen Developers to transform how mission critical work is performed within their department. Through BizFlow M’s platform, non-technical users can design, configure, and deploy modern user experiences integrated with process-driven workflow. BizFlow M combines strategy, innovation, solution design, and development to streamline, automate, and transform business operations. 

Be Efficient with Your Workflows

BizFlow M Platform

Automate the Flow of Work within Your Organization

Platform Features and Functionality

BizFlow M provides a studio to design and build web applications using a codeless environment via BizFlow AppDev. Not only can Citizen Developers and non-technical users create forms and applications without coding, but they can also style them, apply complex UI logic, and develop reusable UI and data components to scale development efforts across large teams without any development background. 

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Citizen Developers leverage BizFlow M Studio to quickly develop interactive applications and workflow through drag and drop technologies without any coding. Using AppDev Studio, those same developers can create rich human centered design forms powered by a shared data model using modern drag and drop web development techniques. Using Workflow Studio, users can create robust process models to manage complicated business processes, monitor the flow of work, and complete work assignments while also collaborating with others through engagement features such as comments, correspondence, and chat. 



BizFlow M provides dynamic tasking and task tracking functionality in a real-time status view. Tasking enables process participants to complete structured processes and task, and engage with others for additional insight, input, and approvals. Tasking supports serial in addition to parallel processing as well as allows tasks roll-out. 


Workflow Monitoring and Auditing 

BizFlow M provides real-time monitoring of work in progress and archived work items for all users. Using BizFlow’s process monitor view, users can see attachments, comments, audit, and history information as well as monitor the current state of the process. 

BizFlow M provides management visibility into process flows, managers can check on case/task status, work distribution, and case load.  


Analytics & Reporting 

BizFlow M provides Analytics and Reporting capabilities to support deep analysis of data captured across forms and processes for areas such as process improvement, service level agreements (SLAs), work distribution, and more.  

BizFlow M includes a packaged report writer, as well as allows direct access to the database views so that Citizen Developers can create reports in their preferred reporting applications. Through this approach, customers can decrease the learning curve in creating new reports while providing additional flexibility and agility. 


Integrations and Web Services 

Using web services, adaptors, and other integration techniques, Citizen Developers can extend the value of their solution by integrating processes and preventing swivel chair through limited configuration. Once integrated, external data can be used to streamline data validations, data updates, document versioning, and more to drive efficiencies and productivity.  

BizFlow M provides business users a graphical workflow solution to: 

  • Visualize and build complex processes with ease via BizFlow’s drag and drop process modeler 
  • Apply rule-based logic using Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) to control Policies, Procedures, Roles, Responsibilities, Routing, Escalations, Deadlines, Notifications, Integrations 
  • Modify in-flight workflows without disrupting the business through check-in/check-out versioning 
  • Monitor and audit information, attachments, and work history to maintain visibility throughout any process 

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