“Be Efficient”- New Branding, Delivers Key Message.

By Jae Ahn, CEO, BizFlow Corporation
Thursday, July 19, 2016


Today our company, BizFlow, announced a new tag line, “Be Efficient”, to become part of BizFlow’s overall corporate brand.

We did this because we wanted to send a clear, succinct, message to customers about the value proposition we bring to the marketplace.  Our people matched with our great technology solve complex business processing challenges faster, with great precision, while driving significant value to the bottom line.

This message signals a new era for BizFlow, a company with nearly two decades of experience delivering Business Process Management solutions to major corporations and governments around the world.  We now see ourselves as a strategic technology company, where our experience and good judgment acquired from hundreds of customer success stories is match with our powerful BPM software, creating a holistic approach to how we meet our clients must urgent needs.  This movement toward Systems Integration means we will deliver more value to customers and expand our ability to help clients meet challenges as they transform for the modern digital business world.

It’s easy to assume that technology is the solution, but its not. It’s the people behind the computer code, like musicians in a symphony who know how to play the instruments well, who create a final product that delivers true value and success.  Conversely, we at BizFlow must listen carefully to the voice of the customer.  What “music” do they want, jazz or classical? How we respond to our customers’ needs is as critical as our skill to do the work.

What we see in the marketplace today is the drive toward digital work, and the growth of Artificial Intelligence in the BPM space. All that is important. However a great engine doesn’t work unless you really know how to drive it. At BizFlow, we have deep knowledge of the power of our BizFlow Plus 12.4 Suite, and intuitively know how to best leverage its capabilities to relieve our customers most difficult pain points.

This goes to the heart of our “Be Efficient” message, because we know how to focus on a clients problem, and then deliver a solution quickly, a solution that will empower our customers to work more efficiently.

We have witnessed customers who have gone through long, drawn-out efforts to assess and plan for digitalization of their work and business functions, only to be frustrated with the time and resource the process consumes. At BizFlow, we have a clear strategic methodology, The BizFlow Way, that guides our approach on how we meet a customer’s challenge. As a result, we deliver results quickly; where others took months, we finished the task in weeks.

“Be Efficient” sends a message that BizFlow is a wise steward of our client’s resources. We get to the point, and get the job done.  Its not a goal, it’s a mindset, one that we are proud to carry forward in our new positioning, and as a core value we deliver to our customers.