Marketing To Focus Company’s Emphasis

Linking Systems Integration Services and its BPM Technology


BizFlow Corp, a Falls Church, Virginia technology company, today unveiled a new brand tag line, “Be Efficient.”, to communicate the company’s core value proposition to Customers.


“In the drive for digital transformation of work and processes, we want to deliver the message that BizFlow understands the core objective of our Customers,” said Jae Ahn, Chairman and CEO of BizFlow.  “The “Be Efficient.” branding sends a clear corporate message of what BizFlow does: we help clients do their job better, faster, while saving valuable resources.”


BizFlow has repositioned itself in the market as a strategic technology company, focusing on systems integration of its Business Process Management (BPM) technology to help business transform their operations and operate more efficiently in the digital world.


“Because of our nearly two decades of experience working with BPM and hundreds of customers we know how to zero in on a customer’s critical need, determine the best possible solution, and then leverage our technology quickly so customers become more efficient and successful in their work,” Ahn said.


“Our great team and great technology work together to get the job done, and deliver real value to our customers.  We know how to help customers be efficient.”


As the movement to digital work accelerates, there is a greater need for a trusted business partner that understands how to truly integrate the power and flexability of BPM technology.  BizFlow delivers smart, powerful systems integration solutions faster because it fully understands the capabilities of its technology and how best to approach a customers business challenge.


Using its unique BizFlow Way Planning Methodology, BizFlow leadership teams match the best strategic approach to solve a customers business challenge with the best capabilities of BizFlow BPM Suite 12.4.  As a result, BizFlow helps customers digitize and modernize their businesses much faster and with great precision.


“The complexities of today’s digital transformation in business do not lend themselves to a simple out-of-the box solution, nor to the typical long draw- out systems integration process.” Ahn said.  “Customers needs critical solutions yesterday, they need a nimble partner that understands their needs and objectives.  BizFlow knows how to best leverage a customers’ resources; we know how to get right to a client’s pain point, and solve it, fast.”


“Modern business systems and processes must be flexible to grow and adapt to meet new business requirements and unexpected market demands, while ensuring continuity into the future,” Ahn added.  “BizFlow not only meet our Customer’s urgent needs of today, we provide our clients control and flexibility to adapt to the inevitable change businesses all face.”


“Our new “Be Efficient.” branding sends a clear message of how BizFlow can transform complex business challenge into streamlined, efficient modern solutions, quickly, with substantial savings of resources.  We help our Customers transform for the future by bringing efficiency and value to their business.”


For nearly 20 years BizFlow has delivered advanced business processing solutions to Customers around the world, serving Fortune 100 clients and large government agencies.