The BizFlow Way

By James Pyon, SVP, Professional Services, BizFlow Corporation

When faced with major challenges in how to improve business functions or solve a complex problem, the best solution cannot be found simply in a box.

Drawing upon almost two decades of experience in business process management for hundreds of clients, BizFlow has developed a distinctive methodology to deliver business solutions to clients fast, and with significant savings of resources.  Matched with BizFlow Plus Suite 12.4 technology, client problems are solved in weeks not months; business functions that once took days are now execute digitally in seconds.

Called The BizFlow Way, this thinking spans four major areas of problem identification, solution design, execution, and ongoing support for business and government clients.  Organized around four phases — Strategy, Innovation, Implementation, and Optimization — the BizFlow Way approach has enabled the company to meet the most complex business challenges.

Here is how it works:

Strategy Phase: A process by which BizFlow experts help customers identify the core challenge, establish metrics, create a cost benefit analysis, and define the project.

Innovation Phase: Identifying the true pain points, further discovery and analysis of the core problem, definition of requirements, and review of user design and client’s experience with current systems or processes.

Implementation Phase: Building of an Agile Plan, application of BizFlow’s BPM technology to precisely and efficiently address the customer’s need, with testing, training, and quality review to prepare for successful deployment.

Optimization Phase: Support and follow-through to ensure optimal use of our technology, refinement as determined by client needs, and continuous improvements as called for by market demands, regulatory changes, or new requirements.

This process draws upon proven management tools, such as Lean Six Sigma, and is informed by decades of BizFlow experience and customer success.  Combined with our deep knowledge of our powerful technology, BizFlow can intuitively deliver solutions faster than other service integrators.

Equally important as our planning and execution process is our focus on Continuous Process Improvement (CPI), a philosophy by which our specialists look for new methods and approaches to make our clients’ solutions more efficient and effective.  This is an important element, in our view, because you can’t simply hand over the software and walk away; Customers need and want a trusted advisor that is always thinking about how to solve a problem better, faster, while saving time and resources.  Often those ideas and solutions are not self-evident at the outset of a project, but emerge as the systems integration team digs deeper into the challenge, and analyzes how the technology can solve a problem. BizFlow sees is CPI as a critical advantage because it means a client gets the best of both worlds working together: our technology, and our deep business process knowledge informed by our substantial experience helping customers.

We have seen in the marketplace customers who have struggled with drawn out integration efforts by service providers who do not fully understand the capability of the technology at hand. We have seen technology, even more advanced than BizFlow’s, fail to meet the true need of a customer because it does not have the flexibility to adapt, nor the experience and judgment of a strong systems integration team to fully leverage all the capabilities of a technology platform.

In short, The BizFlow Way is not simply a process by which we work to solve a customer problem; it is an example of how BizFlow matches its deep human knowledge of business operations with its robust technology to best meet our customers needs and get the job done fast, accurately, and while driving value to the bottom line.