How to Ensure a Successful BPM Implementation - Part 2

Component 2 - Program Management

With collaboration comes project management and communication. More often than not, organizations do not invest adequately in their implementation and delivery plans to simply and consistently convey status, build trust, prevent rumors, and enlist support. Program and/or project management becomes vital for successfully building a strong team, sound delivery, and good user uptake.

Team members need to consider the following program management components:

How to Ensure a Successful BPM Implementation - Part 1

How Do You Ensure a Successful BPM Implementation?

There are three vitally important components for successfully implementing BPM:

The Importance of Talent to Your Successful BPM Implementation

You cannot say enough about the importance of people to your successful use of BPM software. Notwithstanding your methodology and product suite, your people are responsible for building and delivering solutions. That makes hiring and inspiring people your most important job.

What is BPM?

What is BPM?

Business Process Management (BPM) includes three equally important pieces:

BPM Software + Lean Six Sigma = Process Automation

Human and Paper-based Workflows Create Process Friction

Six Sigma

2013 Gartner BPM Summit - Conversations

At the 2013 Gartner BPM Summit last week in Washington DC we met many great people.

Attendees fit into the following categories:

Gathering BPM Software Requirements to Create Process-Driven Solutions

Many have asked me, "What goes into a good BPM software solution requirements document?" I usually break it down into the following pieces:

Preparing a BPM Implementation - Get it Right the First Time

“Get is right the first time

That’s the main thing

I can’t afford to let it pass

Get is right the next time

That’s not the same thing

Gonna make the first time last”

(Billy Joel, Get It Right the First Time, The Stranger album, 1977).

Using KPIs to Measure Performance

When creating new applications think hard about what KPIs you want to capture to measure success. KPIs can be inserted at the process level and forms level. In the process model you can add rules governing deadlines, escalations, and scheduling (expected wait times, expected working time, planned completion time) that act as KPIs for measuring efficiencies (cycle time) and effectiveness. In the form, each field captures a data point that can be used to measure quantity, quality, preference, and behavior.

Touchstone Health - $300K Savings and More!

Each day I learn a new reason for BPM. Take the project at Touchstone Health, (White Plains, New York, USA), a $200M Health Plan/Insurance provider that serves roughly 20,000 members.






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