Organization: California State University, Fresno

The California State University, Fresno, or Fresno State has 21,500 students and 1,100 full- and part-time staff. It is one of 23 campuses of the California State University, one of the largest university systems in the world with more than 427,000 students, 44,000 faculty and staff.

BizFlow Solutions: Grant Management, Curriculum Development, Request Management

Fresno State is currently working with BizFlow to achieve business process transformation. The university staff has worked with BizFlow experts to re-engineer workflows and create solutions to automate:

  • Applying for special grants
  • Proposals for new curriculum or changes to curriculum
  • Requests for serving alcohol on campus
  • Requests for authorization when driving on state business
  • Acceptance for receiving and approving gifts

  • Another major project under development is the replacement of a legacy client-based system on PeopleSoft with a new web-based, process-oriented portal. From this portal users will access BizFlow-based applications streamlining dozens of processes, such as: budget journal adjustments, direct pay hospitality approvals, travel requests and authorizations, purchase requests, shipping requests, billing requests, stock room acquisitions, graduate course changes, graduate catalog changes, pay cash approvals, employee evaluations, and HR position descriptions. Fresno State opted not to do this work in the legacy application due to the tremendous cost development and maintenance associated with any customization. With BizFlow, Fresno State can rapidly design and deploy clean, user-friendly, web-based apps that are easily integrated into the PeopleSoft system. The upshot: Win Win in development savings, upgrade savings, and overall more attractive applications.

    Best Practices: Leverage Event-Response Capabilities

    Fresno State takes advantage of the Event Response Adapter (ERA) in BizFlow to streamline the grants approval process. This process requires approvals from faculty members, a chairperson, and the dean of the department. Rather than doing lots of work before ultimate approval is given, the process creates subprocess approvals based on rules linking grant submitters to their respective departments (faculty, chair, deans). Once all pertinent people authorize the grant request, the ERA restarts the main process for completion.

    Overall Benefits:

  • Reduced workflow cycle times by 80%-90%
  • Ease of Use
  • Greater Visibility and Collaboration
  • Ease of use from single sign on (central authorization system) and integrated via LDAP SSO
  • Simplicity of publishing PDF's directly from the BizFlow applications
  • Real-time visibility into process status
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