Formula One - Where Team and Technology Meet


By James Pyon
Senior Vice President, Professional Services
BizFlow Corporation

Nico Rosberg won the 2016 Formula One last weekend in Abu Dhabi in a powerful show of teamwork, with Rosberg winning the coveted title by points while teammate Lewis Hamilton took the final race of the season.

Since the 1950’s Formula One has been the gold standard of auto racing, growing to a $3 billion+ industry that pushes the edge of technology and competition to the limit, race after race.

So what does Formula One racing have to do with business process management software and solutions? It's a good metaphor for how great BPM work is done.

A winning Formula One team is a perfect balance between the skills and experience of the crew and the sophisticated technology and machine at the driver’s fingertips.  One could not succeed without the other; it is the ideal metaphor for how you solve today’s business process management challenges.

As BPM technology has matured, it has become more capable, more sophisticated. Yet the full potential of this technology can only be achieved at the hands of a trusted digital team that understands the fundamentals of BPM, and possesses the problem solving skills tested by providing a wealth of modern business solutions.

This is no different than the Formula One crew, which must understand not only the power and every element of technology and capability of the race car, but also all the variable challenges facing the team and machine each and every competition.  When the match between human judgement and experience aligns with the technology at hand, the race is won.

Thus, when business leaders face organizational and workflow challenges, they need not only a technology tool that is powerful and capable, they also need process expertise, professionals who have deep experience solving many complex business problems and know how to apply the technology at hand to get the job done faster, better, and more efficiently than the competition.

It would be a mistake to assume that simply purchasing a BPM software tool is the final answer to solving your business pain point; you don’t just hand the keys of a Formula One car to a driver and wish them luck as they drive off the lot. You need to know how to identify the pain point and know how to go deeper into your business systems to determine the best solution.

Before the engine is even started, even before the final car is built, before the starting flag is dropped, the Formula One team maps out the best methodology and its objectives, identifies the challenges at hand, and then calibrates and adjusts its technology — the car — to accomplish the goal — winning the race.

Similarly, the beauty of BPM technology is that when the correct strategic thinking and approach is applied, the technology creates an environment that enforces and streamlines the pathway to the best solution. The result is greater efficiency and value added to the bottom line.

An example is how BizFlow made a huge difference in the lives of U.S. Veterans in 28 states in the Western US, where we have helped alleviate the logjam for our honored service men and women needing an appointment with a doctor. Our team helped identify the true choke points and challenges in the process of managing a database of over 230,000 health care providers and how to best streamline the process to provide care to Veterans quickly and accurately.  Using this preparatory work, our knowledge of business process, and the capabilities of our technology, BizFlow built systems that have dramatically improved the ability for Veterans to get health care.  Since launch, over a million cases have been quickly and accurately serviced.

Joe Gibbs, former Washington Redskins coach and race car pro, once said “A winning effort begins with preparation.”  We practice that philosophy at BizFlow, so that team and machine work together.  Just like on the race track, it’s a winning formula.