The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), a long-time user of BizFlow BPM software, has upgraded its platform agency-wide to BizFlow Plus 12.4 Suite, greatly expanding the capabilities of HHS to manage its many workflow demands and services. The upgrade will involve 64,000 users and deliver new capabilities for HHS to build more systems to improve workflows and agency functions.


The contract upgrades current licenses plus a one-year maintenance and support from BizFlow’s experienced technical team.


“HHS will now have significantly enhanced capability to modernize their agency functions, digitize critical work processes, and increase efficiency,” said James Pyon, Senior Vice President for Business Services, BizFlow Corporation.  “Working with our professional team, HHS will have new tools to modernize important agency processes and create new systems to help the agency operate more efficiently.”


“With BizFlow Plus 12.4, one of the most important agencies in the US government will have a powerful tool and experienced team to meet the new and growing demands of a digital world.”


The software upgrade includes expanded function management and tools that will enable HHS to integrate business processing functions with key systems used by the government, and improve the ability of HHS staff to deliver services to their internal and external clients. 



“BizFlow Plus 12.4 elevates the capabilities of HHS, driving real value to the government while improving upon the robust power of our basic BizFlow BPM platform,” Pyon added.  “We are grateful for the agency’s strong support of BizFlow and our BPM technology.”


Additional capabilities in the BizFlow Plus upgrade include:

  • WebMaker - more powerful tool to create web-based interfaces
  • Advanced Reporting - great capabilities to organize and present data from multiple data sources
  • Supports Java 8 - active support of latest Java standard
  • Supports Oracle database 12C R1 - seamless capability to work with popular government database program
  • Supports Windows Server 2012 - meeting agency goals to support more advanced Windows systems



BizFlow Means “Be Efficient.”


BizFlow has recently launched a new “Be Efficient” branding to emphasize the value its product and system integration services bring to its clients.


In the drive for digital transformation of work and processes, BizFlow wants customers to know that our team understands the core objective of the digital business world.  “Be Efficient.” sends a clear message of what BizFlow does: we help clients do their job better, faster, while saving valuable resources.


About BizFlow


BizFlow is a leading strategic technology company focused on providing systems integration and business process management services to multinational corporate clients, governments, and businesses around the world. 


BizFlow transforms complex business problems into streamlined, efficient modern solutions, quickly with substantial saving of resources.  With its highly experienced team — nearly two decades of experience — matched with its powerful BPM 12.4 Suite, BizFlow meet its clients’ most urgent business needs, delivering flexibility and adaptability, while driving real value to the bottom line.


BizFlow’s BPM technology tool enables customers to better manage information and workflows by providing powerful processing engines and user functionality over a wide variety of platforms and environments. BizFlow can modernize a legacy system, preserving valuable investments in proprietary processes and information stores while elevating operations to more modern efficiencies, mobility, and flexibility in order to adjust to future requirement changes and new circumstances.