Organization: National Institutes of Health

The mission of the Office of Portfolio Analysis (OPA) is to identify, develop, and disseminate sophisticated tools and computational approaches supporting biomedical research and collaboration activities at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Business Challenge

OPA performs many analytical functions supporting internal investigative projects as well as projects at NIH constituent organizations. There are six types of projects: Consultation, Analysis, Training, Trans-NIH Coordination, Tool Development and Research Projects. Each of these efforts are labor intensive and time consuming as they cover the gathering, use, and storage of data, records, and messages spanning long periods of time. The process itself includes engagement, requirements analysis, portfolio analysis, and reporting of results.

The system used for project management and data collection was based on email. Users suffered from lack of visibility into project status and collaboration. And management did not have adequate reporting to evaluate return on investments and workloads. OPA desired a system to record, track and archive all requests, reviews, comments, and approvals associated with each project. The system also needed to create reports based on specific key performance metrics.

BizFlow BPM Solution

BizFlow creates an advanced project tracking and correspondence management application. It integrates with several 3rd party systems: the NIH Enterprise Directory (NED) for searching and importing NIH user information, the Learning Management System for importing registrant information, and SharePoint for document management.

The forms use the NIH OPA branding and styles following approved CSS files. There is a single Project Tracking form used for all processes with certain sections only being displayed for corresponding processes such as "Course Information" for Training and "Journal Information" for Research Projects.

The Project Assignment dashboard allows the NIH OPA Director and NIH OD management to view which projects are currently in progress and who is working on them in order to evaluate current workload. The Project Schedule dashboard allows users to see the ongoing projects in Gantt format to determine workload over a period of time.

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