Working For Veterans

By Caffrey Lee, VP of Products

Much was said during the Presidential campaign about veterans care; however, the truth is, a great deal of hard work already has been done to meet the objectives of the Congress and the President as set forth in the Veterans Choice Act of 2014. 

That law allowed for veterans to seek care from a non-VA health care provider if a government doctor or provider wasn’t available in a timely manner.

Implementing this law was a critical mission.  The tremendous sacrifice and patriotism of our veterans demanded a skillfully-crafted and powerful solution to a major crisis. The existing system and its processes were overwhelmed.  Over 120,000 veterans had to wait over three months to see a VA doctor. Many vets died waiting for care. The country demanded a solution, and the result was new laws and objectives to increase access to care for veterans quickly.

Turning this goal of better health care for vets into reality was a challenge because it required a tremendous amount of technical effort and strategic thinking to create the systems necessary to integrate non-VA medical providers into the VA health care network. It would require new thinking, new approaches, new technology, and a dedicated vision to bring high-quality service to our veterans as soon as possible.

BizFlow, working for a client who is a major health care services provider, met the challenge. We provided strategic assessment, planning, systems design, and technological execution services that have vastly improved the ability of veterans to get health care in 28 states in the western United States.

The BizFlow team looked at the challenges from three angles:

Save the Vets - bring them into a more efficient health care provider system;

Improve the Veteran’s Experience - make the interface with the new system work for the veteran, through better information, organization, and training for call center staff to vastly enhance the experience of a veteran calling for care; and

Integrate the Veteran’s Care Community - digitally link new capabilities and resources across the VA medical care system so they work together seamlessly toward one mission: providing great care and service to our veterans.

Our experts applied our workflow analysis and process transformation methodology - The BizFlow Way -along with our technology to deliver a powerful solution that is an agent of change and progress for our veterans.

First, we created an environment and platform that enabled veterans to choose a non-VA doctor.  We helped reorganize and streamline call center processes, trained over 800 customer service representatives (CSRs) in 2 call centers, modernized the system to support the CSRs and delivered Choice Cards to veterans. In one month.

Second, We identified how to optimize critical information management so that when a veteran called into the system, their needs would be managed properly and efficiently.  Based on the results of our analysis, BizFlow created a new digital system that provides a 360 degree view of a veteran and guides CSRs as they receive and manage a veteran's request, and we improved the process for gathering important data and ensuring high levels of accuracy and service.

Third, we recognized that linking VA health centers with this new capability was an important part of ensuring that a veteran's care and medical information were efficiently shared with providers and properly managed.  We created a holistic digital environment that offers centralized access to veterans information sourced from across the VA medical network to deliver a new, more efficient and effective way to manage and execute health care demands of our veterans.

Working with our client, BizFlow delivered a system to 66 VA health centers in just 4 months.  BizFlow helped the client create seamless and transparent data transactions between the VA health centers and the health care service providers, and designed and implemented a powerful self-reporting capability to foster future data collection efficiency and data accuracy.

Finally, we focused on building an accurate and comprehensive database of non-VA health care providers across 28 states. This was a critical effort that presented many challenges.  Existing technology was cumbersome and inefficient, producing unacceptable errors and slowing the ability to provide service. The system needed a current and accurate database of health care providers, the ability to update and maintain the list continually and efficiently, and integration with the VA health care network and claims processing system.

BizFlow accomplished this task by delivering significant new efficiencies to the client, helping them expand their non-VA health care provider network in 28 states, and improving the productivity of the people who operate and maintain the system.

Some of the outcomes and improvements of this massive project include:

  • Ninety percent reduction in the rework needed for capturing provider (doctors, specialists) information, and implementation of real-time, online error checks to keep the provider list clean;
  •  Doubling of the productivity of the service representatives through a more intuitive, smarter interface powered with provider and other data;
  • Tripling of the workflow capacity of the client provider team through the design and implementation of automated work tasks and business rules that made operation more efficient; and,
  • Slashing of training and operational inefficiencies through smart planning and design.  The BizFlow-designed system is so intuitive to use, the time it takes for staff to become proficient with the new system was cut significantly.

Altogether, this suite of systems, programs, and strategic thinking has transformed the ability of the VA to deliver services to vets, cut waiting times substantially, eliminated the huge backlog of cases, and improved the ability of the agency to keep accurate records on services, reimbursements rates, and contract management.

As a nation we can never say thank you enough to our veterans for what they do for our country.  At BizFlow, when we have the privilege of working for veterans, we do our very best and then some. BizFlow is honored to have been part of this effort to help veterans, and thankful for the opportunity to partner with such a great team dedicated to outstanding outcomes for our service men and women.

Thank you to all our veterans for a job well done, and for the sacrifices you make in service to our country.  At BizFlow, we make it our business to help veterans every day. It's not a job; it's our mission.