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Business Process Management


BizFlow M is a platform for designing, implementing and deploying process-driven applications. BizFlow M combines strategy, innovation, solution design, and development to streamline, automate, and transform operations.

Business Process Management

BizFlow M Suite

Business Process Management

Core BPM Suite Features and Functionality

BizFlow M provides business users a modeling environment with the following features:

  • Design Process Models – Drag and drop design studio, BPM Notation
  • Configure Business Rules – Policies, Procedures, Roles, Responsibilities, Routing, Escalations, Deadlines, Notifications, Integrations
  • Version Control Management
  • Create Project Artifacts 
  • Launch Business Applications

With the built-in ability to tailor workflows, BizFlow M can easily be configured to optimize your business processes. Once optimized, the process can report on service level agreements and provide tracking and audit trails. Custom and ad hoc reports can be developed as well.

BizFlow M provides a studio to design and build web applications using a codeless environment via BizFlow AppDev. Not only can business users create a form without coding, but can also reuse the data and change its attributes very easily.

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The UI combines a work area with checklists and instructions along with a discussion area, ensuring healthy collaboration and efficient execution. With many permissions levels, users can quickly change the process getting jobs done more effectively. ​ Process participants can access their tasks through BizFlow M’s user interfaces, which can also be plugged into portals (e.g., Sharepoint, BEA) for anytime access. Through the UI, users can initiate, monitor, and complete work, initiate dynamic tasks, add comments, share work, run reports, and conduct analysis.

Analytics and Reporting supports for process model, data model, and social pattern analysis (value chain, bottleneck, critical path) of in-process performance and external data to create reports, ad-hoc reports, and interaction monitoring dashboards; supports event listeners, alerts and triggersBIZFLOW M tracks Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other data from reporting and analytical purposes.

BizFlow provides real-time monitoring of work in progress and archived work items. All participants should be able to monitor and audit their work. BIZFLOW M provides management visibility into process flows. At any given moment participants can know case/task status. Business analysts can measure and analyze time taken, associated costs, and existing/potential bottlenecks. Missed deadlines or events trigger immediate action requests. This knowledge base enables proactive problem solving and workflow automation.

Using Web services, adaptors, and other integration techniques enable BIZFLOW M-based applications to auto-populate electronic forms with data from existing repositories. Integration also streamlines data validation, data updates, document versioning, and more. BIZFLOW M plugs into ESB and other data orchestration and transformation tools. The Job Scheduler enables business processes to be initiated or updated using information provided by external systems. And other out-of-box adaptors serve users to leverage Documentum, Sharepoint and other EDMS.

BizFlow provides dynamic tasking and task tracking functionality in a real-time status view. Tasking enables process participants to punch out of structured processes and task others for additional insight, input, and approvals. Or people can start tasking without prior process modeling. Tasking must support not just serial, but parallel processing. And as tasks roll-out, workflows created can be used as templates to formal process design and execution.

The apps you build with BizFlow can run on mobile devices. For iPad we have an app that create a unique user experience designed specifically for iOS users. ​ Key features provide secure logins with fingerprint or facial recognition, intuitive user-centric design and navigation, and full access to the web client processes. Users can benefit from the mobile app by remotely connecting to their work, effectively handling deadlines and priorities, initiating and submitting works with convenience, and actively monitoring processes. Mobile app also allows users to instantly attach documents or photos to their work.

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