The Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO) provides information technology services and products enabling ICE and DHS to meet their mission of protecting America and upholding public safety. Within OCIO, the Chief of Staff (COS) oversees all aspects of executive assistance for the CIO and Deputy CIO and facilitates business communication for the OCIO.

Business Challenge: Effectively Supporting Correspondence Management

An essential mission of the Chief of Staff is to manage tasking or correspondence management. This includes directing the receipt, creation, distribution and disposition of task assignments across the organization. The COS needs to effectively receive the numerous tasks, disseminate (triage) to appropriate OCIO division(s) for reply, and submit a response to the requestor by the due date (suspense date).Tasks or correspondence come in a variety of formats (e.g., taskers from a requesting agencies’ internal task tracking system, emails, formal petitions, and data calls). The tasks come from a diversity of sources including internal divisions, external agencies, Congress and the White House. These tasks request important data such as forecast/budget requests, Human Capital/organizational information, and program-specific updates. The former process for triaging and responding to tasks depended on email. This process became inadequate for the following reasons: too much volume, inadequate visibility, little control, and lost data. 

BizFlow Solution: Enterprise-Class Process Automation for Millions in Savings

Using BizFlow, DHS created a web-based Task Management System (TMS) that consolidates, tracks, archives, reports, and streamlines Operational (OPS) taskers and data calls. The correspondence management solution supports single sign-on using CAC, automated routing to groups, automated approvals, color codes for fast reviews, and integration to EDMS for file sharing. Using BizFlow, DHS saves more than $2,083,000/year in operational efficiency improvements.

The tasks management workflow entails:

OCIO receives task from internal office or external agency
COS tasks divisions
Divisions delegate tasks to their branches
Branches delegate tasks to their subject matter experts (SMEs)
SMEs analyze, collect data, and respond
Branch Task Manager consolidates SME responses
Division Task Manager consolidates Branch responses
COS consolidates all Division responses
Tasking Report (TR) authority reviews and approves the consolidated response
COS TM creates drafts then COS TR approves drafts
Official response is sent to the original tasking office

The user response and collaboration area includes configurable templates, dynamic actions, headers, quick group assignations, rapid escalations, and menu options. The tasking solution integrates with 3rd party systems to enable correlation between new work, work in progress, and archives.Administrators can limit/expand commands (send task, cancel, close), add more fields, track time, and provide quick routing options. In addition, they can add auto commands (such as add canned response; rework), quick approve/reject buttons, quick reviews templates, unlimited notifications, and other action types.