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Business Process Management combines strategy, human input, and solution design.  Having been involved in BPM for the past decade, we know technology is evolving from building solutions that reduce manual processes and increase efficiency to modernizing user-friendly service delivery.  More and more users are demanding an intuitive and value-add employee/customer/vendor experience during the process lifecycle.  Requirements start with the organizational vision, mission, and strategic goals and drive technology decisions that enable the workforce to not only effortlessly, but also enthusiastically, execute the functions, processes, and tasks that align to the organization’s purpose.

 Most service delivery models do not connect the organization’s mission and strategy all the way down to the user experience and system design. This effort goes beyond “implementing service modules.”  It requires a top-down, bottom-up approach to harmonize the organization.  Any service model can deliver a vanilla package to service the masses, assuming organizations and people are alike.  Human-Centered Design and Change Management are continuous activities to bridge people, processes, and technology to the very essence of the organizational purpose.  Contact us to learn more.


Business Process Improvement and User Design

After aligning the organization’s mission and strategy all the way down to the user experience and high-level system design, Business Analysts dive deeper into processes to further define the problems in terms of cost, quality and speed.  Through journey mapping they capture voice of customer and voice of business to sync each activity with corresponding inputs, outcomes, and success metrics. Activities are assessed for waste and transparency, integration for straight through processing, and user interfaces for usability. Outputs are clear instruction and documentation on target state process and user experience, project plans, work breakdown structures, and RACI charts. Contact us to learn more and schedule a demonstration.


Rapid Application Development & Systems Integration

Unprecedented Speed with Low-Code – With dynamically changing business demands, building business applications faster with confidence is possible with BizFlow’s Low-Code tool, AppDev.  Anyone can develop an enterprise-level UI quickly without programming experience. With simple drag and drop, business users can design forms using reusable AppDev components. Once designed, these forms work across all devices: web, pc, iOS, Android. Project Managers work closely to determine timelines, articulate constraints and dependencies, and track risks. Through development sprints, teams interact daily. Onsite and remote teams collaborate to rapidly finalize layouts, data models, and user experiences. Regular mock-ups and demonstrations are held, Hardware environments made ready, software installed and configured, and solutions deployed. Contact us to learn more and schedule a demonstration.