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The Strategic Choice for BPM

BizFlow M is a dynamic and adaptive Business Process Management (BPM) Solution, focusing on self-managed business process automation that delivers accountability, control, and visibility. 

BizFlow Process Studio (BPS) is the single-source management tool for all components of BizFLow. Users are able to leverage Bizflow’s  powerful low-code platform to access and manage tasks, reports, and processes all in a single electronic workplace. 

AppDev has the functionality of a go-liveable mock-up (Prototype), providing users a “Hybrid agile approach” when developing web-applications. Using a Data-Centric concept, AppDev enhances user efficiency. AppDev empowers users to create data entities without coding, allowing them to easily reuse the data or change data attributes.

BizFlow Advanced Reporting provides enterprise-level reporting and monitoring capabilities in the form of reports and dashboards that push critical data. Getting this critical data in time empowers executives and managers to make smart decisions for great results.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) applies software bots to digitally automate business processes. Capable of mimicking human user actions, RPA bots act as virtual assistants to automate highly manual and repetitive tasks. While human resources focus on value-added activities, bots access applications, scrape websites, and read documents and spreadsheets to extract, gather, consolidate, and post data; move files; fill forms; and send notifications, perfectly every time.

To learn more about the additional products offered with BPMS, please contact our Sales Team.