BPM Defined with a Dash of Ingredients for Success

Business Process Management (BPM) can be defined as a:

• Management philosophy emphasizing process innovation and optimization through greater visibility and control over participation and policies.
• Methodology defining and supporting organizational change.
• Suite of tools enabling, instituting and optimizing change through process discovery, design, automation, and analytics.

What is the Value of Collaboration Capture in BPM Solutions?

There has been much talk lately about the value of social media integration within BPM solutions. While jumping on the social bandwagon isn't necessarily a bad thing it does need to be accomplished with a sense of purpose and strategy. HandySoft has long been a champion of capturing the social interaction, collaboration if you will, amongst coworkers engaged in the process of business.

How will mobile continue to impact BPM?

Mobile furthers the efficiency factor in BPM solutions. There was always the inherent lag in responses due to the need to be at a computer to complete an action and progress the process to the next activity.

With smart mobile devices we now have the ability to customize the user interface to facilitate real-time or near real-time response from virtually any mobile device format. This has opened the possibilities to an entirely new BPM audience. We are mobile ready TODAY and are eager to discuss your specific requirements.

Why do so many process improvement projects fail?

Recently I was asked, by a global BPM media source, to provide my thoughts in answer to the above question. There are a whole litany of reasons for process improvement failures. This fact may make some decision makers wary of forging ahead and choose to remain in the dysfunctional comfort of the "devil we know".

In my experience, there are definitely a number of causes that rise to the top of the list:





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